Top 10 Ways to Take Care of your Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold Plated Jewelry Care
Gold Plated Jewelry Care

Gold Plated Jewelry is made by electroplating or electroforming a layer of gold on high quality alloy base of copper or brass. Gold plated jewelries are extremely popular in Asian countries, especially in India, where none of the weddings are complete without the bride being loaded with it. From Chandelier Earrings (The Jhumkas) to Maang Teeka, different jewelries are available to enhance the beauty of the bride. As she walks towards the stage to take the Seven Pheras or The Seven Wedding Vows with her groom, the entire crowd is mesmerized by the kind of jewelry she is dipped in.

But how do you look after your gold plated jewelry and make it last longer by increasing its lifespan? How are you supposed to know about gold plated jewelry care, without damaging its show and appearance and keep it from fading? Read below top ten gold plated jewelry care instructions to maintain its luster and brightness.

  1. Protect them from soap, water, salt water and harsh chemicals such as chlorine,heavy detergents,cleaning agents etc.
  2. Use fine brush or cotton to clean this piece.
  3. Keep it covered in butter paper to assure durability and shine.
  4. Do not rough handle or expose to dust and pollution for a longer period of time.
  5. Store your gold-plated jewelry in a velvet lined jewelry box or velvet pouch. Wrapping it in a soft material will prevent scratches. Put a silica gel packet in your jewelry box to keep it moisture free. This will prevent your jewelry from tarnishing.
  6. Keep your gold plated jewelry away from sulphur producers such as rubber bands. As rubber bands age and break down they release sulphur so wrapping jewelry packages with rubber bands or having rubber bands in your jewelry box will speed up the tarnishing process. Other sulphur producers that you should not use for storing your jewelry are newspapers, non-archival cardboard boxes, leather, and silk.
  7. Do not wear gold plated jewelry in a swimming pool or hot tub or when using ammonia or cleaning bleach at home. Bleach, including chlorine, will attack and dissolve the metal
  8. Do not use toothpaste or baking soda to clean gold plated jewelry. They are much too abrasive. Use only mild non-phosphate dish washing liquid.
  9. Wipe your gold plated jewelry only with a soft cotton cloth. Avoid using paper products such as tissues because they contain particles of wood that can scratch the gold's surface.
  10. Remove jewellery when doing household tasks such a gardening, cleaning and household repairs or other strenuous activities such as sports like swimming.

Gold Plated Jewelry is the best cost effective,economical and quality alternative to real gold jewelry.By following these basic care you can prolong and maintain the shine of gold plated jewelry and keep them glittering for years.