Indian Soap Stone Jewelry Box

Soapstone (Pyrophilite) is a naturally occurring stone found in mines in Northern India. It is very soft and smooth to touch.  It comes in many shades of white, green and brown. Artisans in the city of Agra, India (home of world famous Taj Mahal) have carved beautiful articles from this wonderful stone for decades. One of the most popular item are the trinket boxes that come in various shapes and sizes and with beautiful floral designs. Many of these boxes also feature hand-carved or painted objects like Elephants, Horses, Cats, Ducks etc. People all over the world have enjoyed these gorgeous works of art for years, and now is your chance to get one for yourself!!

    The box featured here has a beautiful Sparrow Bird painted  on the lid which is Hinged. It can be great for solid INCENSE or POTPOURRI or POWDER. Naturally it can be a great trinket box on your dresser, in your bathroom or even on your office desk. Show off your great taste and personal style by adding thess elegant soap stone jewelry box to your collection today.