Tribal Jewellery of Gujarat - Kutch

The main tribal people of gujarat are rabari,ahir and charan .

Maldhari / Bharwad / Rabari people are a mystery of Kutch. Their lifestyle is completely different from any other tribe. North-west India has many castes of the Rabaris which are simply divided in three tribes in Kutch: Desi Rabaris, Dhebariya Rabaris and Vagadiya Rabaris. Desi Rabari live in the central and western sides of Kutch, Dhebariya Rabaris mainly live near Anjar Taluka and Vagadiya Rabaris live in the village named Vagad situated in the eastern side of Kutch. The story of their origin is likely related with Lord Shiva doing self mortification in Himalayas. The Rabaris move from one village to another by throwing away their house hold materials and small kids on a reverse bedstead kept on camels' backs.

Charan tribe of Gujarat is also known as Gadhvi. The name Charan is derived from the word Charana, meaning 'grazing.' Their chief occupation is animal grazing and they also engage themselves out on daily wage labor. Charans practice Hinduism and are mostly vegetarians.

The Ahir or Abhir (from Sanskrit Abhira "fearless") is a historical militant/warrior tribe of India. The Ahir are descendants of Lord Krishna. They lived as shepherds at Gokul Mathura about a thousand years ago. After leaving Gokul Mathura they spread throughout northern and northwestern India. Ahir is a subgroup of the Yadav caste of India. The people of the Ahir tribe are traditionally cow herders and shepherds.