How to Measure Anklet Size

Whether you are ordering anklets for yourself or as a gift, the proper sizing may come into question. Some styles contain adjustable or toggle style clasps or enclosures, so they are considered "one size fits all." Many other styles may require you to measure your ankle to be sure of the proper fit. Sizes may either range from 8 to 9 inches for a small up to an extra large of 11 to 11.5 inches. Jewelry designers may either list the ankle bracelets according to small, medium, large, etc., or size according to inches. Check the manufacturer or sizing guidelines and order the closest measurement to your size and hanging preference. Be aware that you may incur extra costs for resizing.

Measuring your ankle is the first step in determining what size anklet you need.

1.Wrap flexible measuring tape around the ankle. Normally an anklet sits just below the ankle bone so you may want to measure in that location.

2.Wrap a piece of string around your ankle if you do not have flexible measuring tape.

3.Tighten the tape or string so it fits snugly, but not too tight around your ankle.

4.Record the measurement around your ankle from the measuring tape or cut the string and measure the string on a ruler or yardstick.

5.Add ½ inch to the measurement. For instance, if your measurement is 10 inches, add ½ inch and the size anklet you want is 10½ inches or 10.5