How to wear a Maang Tikka in 5 Different Styles

Maang Tikka is a great Indian Hair Accessory to wear to wedding parties. You could team it with any ethnic dressing like saree or salwar kameez. Here is a short how to fashion and style guide on how to attach and wear Maang Tikka in different styles.

Basically a Maang Tikka consist of a central jeweled pendant or a huge medallion attached to a chain with a hook. This ornate pendant may be made in gold, silver or studded with pearls,gemstones like ruby or crystal. The chain may be studded with rhinestones.The pendant of a Maang Tikka may be flat or spherical. Maang Tikka may also have attached side panels with one or more layers to make a more elaborate design.

To put on,fix and attach a Maang Tikka on head just like a professional makeup artist follow the simple steps below.

How to wear a Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka looks fabulous when attached to a centrally parted hair. Wearing a maang tikka in a centrally parted hair style makes it more noticeable and prominent on the face and puts the emphasis on the forehead of the wearer.Maang Tikka looks great on all face cuts, especially for the round face as this adds a dimension of length to it.Maang tikka help open up the face, creating a brighter look, putting the face in the spotlight.

Your hair needs to be at least shoulder length or more to carry a Maang Tikka well.Ensure that it is a least a day since washed your hair, as freshly washed hair is extremely difficult to style and hold.Brush hair thoroughly, removing all tangles and knots.

Create a  straight and neat centre parting that runs from the front of your hair to the crown of the head. You may create a simple coiled neat bun or if you prefer leave it open.

Apply a a light mist of hairspray to prevent fly-aways. It will help your style to look neater and remain intact for longer.Hairspray should not be used once your Tikka is in place, as this may dull the crystals.

Lay the Maang Tikka on the head so that the chain is rested on the parting of the hair and the central pendant is positioned on the forehead. Attach the hook of the tikka to your hair.

To ensure extra safety secure the Maang Tikka by attaching the hook with bobby pins until you are sure it will not come undone.Be sure to use bobby pins that match your hair colour.

Not sure of the best way to wear your Maang Tikka? Here is a list of ideas demonstrating how brides can wear different types of Maang Tikka

Different Styles of Wearing Maang Tikka:

It is interesting how many different kinds of looks can Maang Tikka convey, when used with some styling products like bridal peers or bindi and method of wearing it.

Style 1 : How to wear a Maang Tikka with flat pendant

This is the most common form of wearing a Maang Tikka.This style of Maang Tikka is mostly worn in North India. Ladies wear this kundan Maang Tikka on the festival fo Karwa Chauth. It looks great with a centrally parted hair with a simple bun.

Kundan Maang Tikka

Style 2 : How to wear a Maang Tikka with spherical pendant

Rajasthani Maang Tikka known as Borla always have a spherical pendant. Rajasthani women wear this Maang Tikka on occasion of Teej Festival fairs.

To wear this style of Maang Tikka you need to additionally secure the spherical pendant of the Maang Tikka also at the front with bobby pins. Also make sure that the pins do not show in the front.

Rajasthani Maang Tikka Borla
Rajasthani Maang Tikka Borla

Style 3 : How to wear a Maang Tikka with side panels

Extended Maang Tikka with side panels for extra support are known as Matha Patti and give a more elaborate and grecian style look to the wearer. It is worn in South India for dance performances like Bharatnatyam.

To wear a Matha Patti you need to secure additionally on the two sides as well with bobby pins. Matha Patti can be a disaster if not worn properly or not held by pins properly.Try this look at home, on your own, only when you have the confidence of carrying it out well. You could use the services of a professional if you are not so sure about your tying capabilities.

Style 4 : How to wear a Maang Tikka with multi layered side panels

Maang Tikka with more than one side panels are known as Damni or Shringar Patti. It gives a grand and royal look to the wearer and is mostly worn by brides on her wedding day.

Because of its complicated structure you definitely need to  use the services of a professional salon artist to help you put this up securely.

Style 5 :  How to wear a Maang Tikka on side of hair

Muslim brides mostly wear triangular fan shaped Maang Tikka known as Jhoomar or Passa on the side of the hair. It gives a unique chic and stylish look to the wearer. It is a romantic style and goes well with any anarkali style salwaar kameez.

Jhoomar style of Maang Tikka is worn by parting the hair on the side. It gives an asymmetric look to the wearer and makes you quite noticeable.To wear Jhoomar style of Maang Tikka you need to secure this on the left side of the hair

Jhoomar style Maang Tikka
Jhoomar style Maang Tikka