Maharashtrian Wedding Bridal Jewelry

Traditional Maharashtrian Bridal Wedding Jewelry is inspired from the jewels of Maratha Peshwa dynasty and has some uniquely crafted jewelry pieces.Many of these pieces are made in Kolhapur. Some of the most famous ornaments are Haar and Malas like Lakshimi Haar,Chapla Haar,Moongachi Maal,Ghalsari,Kothameerechi Maal,Rudraksha Maal etc.

Karwari Nath:

Karwari Nath is a much loved ornament in Maharashtra especially in Kokan and Western Maharashtra.This piece is studded with pearls called Basra Moti which are as beautiful as rare to find. Its beauty is enhanced with the help of  Ruby and Emerald.


Gulsari is a traditional Maharashtrian hollow choker made from a single wire of pure gold.


Vajratik is a glorious traditional Maharashtrian jewellery piece with a beautiful blend of Jondhale Mani-beads in shape of "Jawari" grain

Belpan Vjratik

Bilva-patra (leaf of bel tree) is sacred leaf having sacrificial importance in worship of Lord Shiva. Leaves of this sacred tree are generally trifoliate and are symbolic of Trikal (brahma, vishnu and mahesh).Belpan Vjratik necklace is inspired by nature from this belache pan (bel leaf) motif .

Mohan Mala

Mohan Mala is a long necklace made from several layers of gold beads chain strings and ending a sun pendant. The number of gold bead strings can vary from 2 to 12.

Surya Haar:

Surya Haar Necklace has the motif of Sun's rays.

Kolhapuri Saaz:

Kolhapuri Saaz

Kolhapuri Saaz has special importance for Maharashtrian women and is optionally used as a Mangalsutra. Kolhapuri Saaz is made up of beads (Jav Mani) and different designs of leaves(panadi) with carvings in it. Small pendants having different designs are strung with a big ruby pendant. Kolhapuri saaj has 21 pcs of different designs pendants out of which 10 pcs are reflection of Lord Vishnus 10 avataars, 8 pcs are for Ashtamangal, 2 pcs are ruby stone and green stone and last piece of Taviz Pendant known as ‘Dorala’ is worn for making ourself safe from evil powers which work opposite to God. It has a pendant of ruby gemstone in the center.

This necklace typically have a Masa (fish), Kamal (lotus), Karle, (bitter gourd), Chandra (moon), Bel Paan, Shankha (conch), Naag (Snake), Kasav (Tortoise) and Bhunga (bumble bee), Waagh Nakh (Nail of Tiger), Taviz, Red and Green Panadi, KirtiMukh opposite each other.

Jondhali Mani Haar 

Jondhali Mani Haar

Jondhali Mani Haar is a stunning beaded gold necklace inspired from the "Jawari" - a staple grain of Maharashtra.Dokyatali Fule is a Jondhali Mani with a pendant having engraving of "Sheshnaag Pratikruti" -Lord Vishnu resting on a seven headed serpent named "Sheshnaag".

Champakali Haar

The flower themed Champakali Haar is a series of frangipani buds and looks like a flower garland (gajra).


Thushi is a choker necklace with closely bound tiny gold beads. It is accounted as the amongst the popular Kolhapuri jewelry item.

Putli Haar
Putli Haar

Putli Haar is a traditional Kolhapuri chain decorated with intricate carvings of Laxmi or Ram-Seeta.

Chinchpeti Haar

This popular traditional choker is a combination of Kirti Mukh and Matsya Print. The Kirti Mukh protects the wearer from negative vibrations and the Matsya Print signifies and enhances purity of thought.

Chandan Haar

Gold Chandan Haar
Gold Chandan Haar
 Chandan haar is traditional and more elaborate form of regular gold chains. It consists of a row of 3 or 4 chains attached together in a form of a necklace.


An antique style bun pin that adorns the traditional Maharashtrian hair dressing called Ambada.


Amongst the popular hand ornaments for the bride are Patlya (two broad bangles), Bangdya (four simple bangles) and Gahu Tode (two delicately carved thick bangles)

Kaan Earrings:

Kaan are unique earrings made form pearl.

Kudya Earrings:

These are pearl cluster earrings.

Bhik Bali:

These are men's earrings.