How to wear Jewelry

Accessories form an integral part of styling and overall personality. Wearing just that right dress and putting on makeup doesn’t make you look stylish unless you complete the look with the right kind of accessories.It is quite boring to wear the same jewelry again. Here are some fun style ideas on how to use your existing jewelry in stylish,unique and creative ways.

1.Pearls are timeless and classic and are the epitome of style and grace. Pearl strings are the most versatile piece of accessory to archive several interesting looks.Wear more than one pearl necklace of different lengths at a time to create a layered look.
Layered Pearl Necklace

2.Long chains are very chic when worn in varying lengths.  You can experiment by layering several gold chains in different shades-yellow gold, white gold and rose gold chains for an eye-catching and interesting texture.

3. If you have a big, pretty looking brooch or a ring slip a chain around it and wear it in your neck just like a pendant!

4.Knot a pearl string or a long chain several times around your wrist to transform it into a bracelet.Use a brooch with this to keep the layers secure in place.

5.You can also mix and match bangles made in different metals such as gold, silver,copper together for a unique get up.

6. Creatively use a coil bangle as a bracelet as well as an armlet.

7. Attach a brooch in an unusual place for example as an embellishment on the belt.

8. Stack several of your rings on a single finger.

9. Use your beaded bracelet in your pony tail.

10. Wear your necklace backwards for a unique look.

11. Use chains as a hair accessory.

12. Try using the hair clip in the front of hair to get a sassy style.

Hair Clip Used in Front

For practical and economical reasons it is advisable to buy jewelry that can serve more than one purpose.Wearing jewelry is all about fun.You just need to use your imagination and create your own combination to add some pizazz to you boring wardrobe.

Keep it simple and elegant. Remember not to overdo with your jewellery by wearing them all together else it gives jumbled and an all decked up look.
All Decked Up Look