Rajasthani Bridal Wedding Jewelry

Rajasthani Bridal Wedding Jewelry

Rajasthani Brides are actually getting married like a real Maharani as Rajasthan is famous as land of royalties and is world famous for their rich weddings.The wedding jewellery of the Rajasthani bride is a fantastic combination of several jewelry styles.Chiterias, Ghaarias, Meenakar and Sunar are the main communities which are involved in making of the unique Rajasthani Bridal Jewellery.The different types of ornament designing techniques used in Rajasthani Bridal Jewelry are:

Kundan Work

Kundan is a very special technique of jewelry making in Rajasthan where precious and semi precious gemstones are fixed in gold framework with help of lac base.

Meenakari Work

Meenakari is the very famous specialty of Rajasthani artisans in which the metal is  enamelled with bright colours.


Thewa is the famous art of creating intricate designs with gold on brightly colored glass.

The Rajput bride wears a traditional Rajasthani 'poshaak' for the wedding ceremony that is usually consisting of "Ghaghara"(skirt), "Choli"(blouse) and "Odhini"(scarf).The Rajasthani bride wears traditional jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation.The fabulous Bridal Jewelry of Rajasthan includes the following: 
  • The 'Borla' or "Rakdi" is a circular piece of adornment worn on the forehead in the parting of the hair.Rakdi are symbolic ornament of married women in Rajasthan.
  • Nathni is stone-studded nose ring with chain extending upto the ear.
  • The Aad is a choker encrusted with uncut diamonds.
  • The Chooda that is a set of ivory and gold bangles.
  • Aarsi is the thumb ring which has mirror embedded on it and enables the bride to have a glimpse of her makeup as well as her to be husband because during wedding rituals bride has a veil and can not see face of her to be life partner.
  • Bajuband or Bahuband  are stone-studded armlets
  • Karanphool are jhumkas along with stud earrings in shape of flower.
  • Haathphool or hand flower is a slave bracelet with a central medallion in the shape of flower. With chains, it is joined with bangles of hand on one side and joined to rings on other side.
  • Kada or Tada is a thick and hollow bangle for hand and legs.
  • Langar is worn beneath kada in the legs which is made by joinig thick wires of silver together
  • Kardhani is the major ornament worn on waist. It covers from all sides. There are small bells attached to it. It is also known as Kandora or Mekhala.
  • Anguda & Bichhiya - The anguda is a ring worn on thumbs of toes while Bichhiya is ring worn on fingers of toes.Bichya is another symbolic ornament of married women in Rajasthan.
  • Pungpan – It is similar to haathphool and is a slave bracelet for legs in leaf design. The rings of toes are joined with anklet through chains.
  • Payal or Pajeb is an anklet in silver and when it is worn it makes melodious sound.