Indian Gold Plated Chains

Gold Plated Indian Chains Buying Guide

Gold Plated Indian Chains are a wonderful accent piece for any wardrobe because they never go out of style and never looks outdated! If you are planning on purchasing a necklace, you will discover that there is a huge variety of Gold Plated Indian Chains to choose from.You will find a number of chains in designs, widths, lengths, sizes, and shapes. Each style differs in the manner in which links connect to one another, forming a unique pattern.Here is a guide that shows different available styles of chains  available to choose from and would help you to select the perfect chain for yourself or as a gift for Valentine's Day to Birthdays to Anniversaries for your lucky recipient as well.

How to choose Gold Plated Indian Chains

You need to choose the chains style depending on whether you want to wear the chain just by itself or you want to use it with a pendant. Bold chains can be worn as a statement piece alone and subtle delicate chains would look great when paired with a dainty pendant.

Goddess Lakshmi Gold Plated Indian Chain: Goddess Lakshmi Gold Plated coin Chain is a perfect confluence of traditional design & ultra modern style.Also known as Lakshmi Haar,this chain is a traditional temple jewellery from down south in India.  Beautifully and intricately crafted piece, this chain is made inspired from the antique jewellery designs.This ethnic chain is the most sought after trend in India. It is made by linking a series of coins with engraved Laxmi, The Goddess of wealth and abandance on its both sides.

Islamic Gold Plated Indian Chain: This chain is made by linking coins stamped with a picture of mosque symbol on one side and holy moon and stars on other side. This is a truly unique and eye catching chain of Islamic/Arabic design.

Cable or Rope Chain - This classic heavy, sturdy and chunky cable or rope link chain is a popular choice among men who want hip hop style flashy hot fashion jewelry. The name rope chain comes from its oval interwoven braided links that are joined to create a rope like spiral effect. This is the most versatile of all types of chains and is a good choice of chain for everyday wear.

Disco Chain : Trendy Disco chain is a twisted,slimmer and lite version of a basic rope chain with a Diamond-Cut design. This soft chain has a high degree of flexibility. This allows the chain to be damage free from bending or twisting and allows the chain to drape your neck in an comfortable manner.This would be a wonderful addition to any collection.

Herringbone Chain : Herringbone Chain is a slim,flat,flexible and soft unisex chain.This wonderful chain has alternating areas of textured and polished links that creates a diagonal pattern.It lays against your neck moving comfortably with you.Herringbone Chain will go well with any dress or jeans.

Snake Chain: This hollow lightweight chain derives its name from the special design and unique structure that resembles a snake skin. It is a smooth and flexible radiant chain that goes well with any pendant.

Multi Layered Gold Plated Indian Chain: If you would like to get creative, you can also opt for a multi layered Gold Plated Indian Chain look. Designer Retro fashion Multi Layered Gold Plated Indian Chains are the hottest fashion trends this season and goes perfectly well with any outfit. This unique and highly unusual chains are made using multiple layers of  gold chains combined together to make a subtle but strong statement.

This celebrity style chain is a special fashionable and stylish jewelry for a special event and for a going out night.You can jazz up any plain old boring dress with these pieces.This is definitely a must have piece, that you will get  many compliments on.

Beads Gold Plated Indian Chain :This is an traditional Indian design 22K gold plated beads chain necklace known as bor mala. It is extremely lightweight and may used as a rosary. Looks great when worn with a saree.

Mangalsutra chain :This black and gold ball beaded chain is an Indian symbol of Hindu marriage. It is given as a gift by a husband to her wife or fiancee as a sign of their marriage.