Indian Engraved Silver Brass Cuff Bracelets

Indian Engraved Silver Brass Cuff Bracelets are the new modern statement in fashion jewelry today. These engraved bracelets are made from durable brass with a silver finish and are engraved in a number of styles. All these bracelets are 100% handmade and handcrafted by local artisans with unique engravings and carvings on brass metal with help of a chisel. The end result is a stunning antique vintage style cuff bracelet.These striking engraved cuff bracelets are so comfortable to wear all the time and looks great with anything whether be it a skirt or jeans or a little black dress. Whether you're shopping for gifts or for yourself, you'll love our selection of beautifully engraved silver bracelets.

Horse Engraved Bracelet

Are you a Equestrian lover? Then take your favorite horse everywhere with you. This chunky extra wide exquisite horse themed bracelet would also make a great unique gift for riders and horse lovers of all ages.

Unicorn Engraved Bracelet:

We all love the legendary magical unicorn with pointed horn projecting from its forehead.This gorgeous and charming 80's style girly prancing unicorn engraved cuff bracelet in antique finish makes a great gift for darling princess in your life or for yourself.

Two Tone Basket Weave Bracelet:

This two tone basket weave bracelet is a striking addition to any collection. Handmade from intricately weaved wires of copper and brass this creates a breathtaking and amazing design. A must buy for any fashion lover.

Vine and Grapes Engraved Bracelet:

This classy winding vines engraved bracelet gives you a super hot look for the spring season. A beautiful pattern of vines and grapes clusters is engraved on this bracelet. This one of a kind bracelet brings the fresh memories of a vineyard to your mind when you wear it and is sure to be cherished by one and all.

Floral Engraved Bracelet:

This vintage Victorian style silver cuff bracelet has etched flowers and leaves  all around . A gorgeous accent to any wardrobe.

You can check for many more such timeless classic and fabulous Indian Engraved Silver Brass Cuff Bracelets with beautiful craftsmanship here.