Maang Tikka

Meaning of Maang tikka comes from a combination of maang meaning parting of the hair and tika meaning tilak.

Significance of Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka is an Indian hair jewelry that is worn on the parting of the hair in place of the red spot (tilaka or 'tika') on the foreheads of Hindu women.Originally, the red spot was a sign which a priest would paint on the brow of a visitor to the temple. Later the tikka became a standard part of the costume of a Hindu woman.

Maang Tikka can be said to be a shortened version of the Shringaar patti/Matha Patti.It is worn by the bride in center parting of the hair. A Maang tikka can be stuck on or drawn, or, in the form of a pendant, suspended between the eyes.A Maang Tika comprises of a string, with a center piece attached to one end and a hook to the other. Maang Tikka consists of an ornate chain worn in the parting of the hair ending in a fabulous pendant in place of the red spot(tilaka).The pendant is covered with stones and has tiny dangling beads in the front.There is a hook at the end of the chain which has to be attached into the parting of the hair.

Maang Tikka Indian Jewelry
Maang Tikka Hair Jewelry
Maang Tikka Hair Accessory
Kundan Maang Tikka
Bridal Wedding Maang Tikka
Indian Jewellery Maang TikkaMaang Tikka Head Piece Jewelry
Rajasthani Maang Tikka Borla
A rare type of Rajasthani Maang Tikka with spherical end