How to select and wear a Jhumka

How to select and wear a Jhumka

Exquisite Jhumka Indian Chandelier earrings  are a staple to every woman's jewelry box and work for all face shapes. Jhumkas are a definite must-have for any bridal trousseau.Jhumka earrings are so unique and such a statement that they are without a doubt the most glamorous earrings you can wear. As beautiful as they are they are not always the easiest piece of jewelry to wear.

Here are some style tips on how to select and wear Khumka earrings.

  • Jhumka earrings go well with ethnic clothing like saree, lehenga choli or salwar kameez.
  • Jhumkas accentuates the length of the neck.When buying a Jhumka pair ensure that the pair you choose is not too long for your neck line. As such measure the distance from your ear lobe to your shoulder, so that you can decide the maximum length they are to dangle.
  • To show off the real beauty of your Jhumkas sweep your hair  away from our ears and put up your hair in an elegant bun or high pony tail.
  • Jhumka Earrings add a dimension of length to the face. Depending on the shape of your face you can select the size of Jhumkas. If you have a round face your face will look elongated with longer Jhumkas. If you are a petite with small features stay away from extra large Jhumkas as they will make you look smaller.
  • You should select the base color of the Jhumkas according to your skin tone and complexion. Gold looks beautiful with a dark skin tone while  silver looks beautiful with fair skin. Rose Gold looks great on medium to olive complexions.
  • The earring clasp is as important as it provides a secure closure and comfortable fit. It s preferable that earring backings for Jhumkas is French Hook style as it helps  reduce the weight of long earrings and eases the movement while making them more comfortable. You can also select Posts and Findings or Screw back style of earring backings for Jhumkas. It is more secure than French hook but you will need an additional ear chain to help balance the weight of the heavy Jhumkas.
  • Don't combine Jhumkas with any elaborate statement necklace. This gives a cluttered look.
  • Don’t wear Jhumkas to the office as it gives an unprofessional look.If you really want to, opt for shorter or smaller jhumkas for daily wear.
  • Don’t wear Jhumkas for an entire day. Remember, jhumkas are heavy and could put undue pressure on your earlobe. Put these earrings on at the last moment before going out. Since they do tend to get heavy it would be wise to not wear them for a long period of time. Reserve them for nights out rather than all-day glamour.If you aren't used to wearing these, you can keep the earring in place with a chain is attached to the ear. Sometimes this chain is attached to the hair too.Don't worry, you don't have to wear a boring chain, there are many decorative ones available.
  • Boutiques provide a wide selection of Jhumka Earrings for women to choose from.Appropriate earrings add an extra glamour to your personality. Choose Jhumkas that match your style and complement your attire. The particular style that you choose will also depend on whether you are quite an over the top individual or whether you prefer to dress in something slightly more on the conventional side so that you do not stand out from the crowd too much. Those who are happy to be the center of attention will love the extravagant and elaborate type of jhumkas worn by celebrities.

    Choose such large size Jhumkas only if you are happy to be the center of attention.

So go ahead and choose a pair of jhumkhas to suit your style! Do you wear Jhumka earrings? Tell us how you like to wear yours.