How to select a Matha Patti

Matha Patti

With brides wearing this beautiful arrangement in their hair since the days of royalty, Matha Patti-an Indian Bridal Headpiece can evoke an almost princess quality to a brides look.Matha Patti is an accessory that bring attention upward and highlight a bride's hairstyle and makeup.Here are some tips and advice about selecting a Matha Patti and what to consider when shopping for this perfect bridal accessory.

  • Have some idea in mind of pieces that you could imagine yourself wearing. Start collecting images and place in a scrapbook.Take your time in choosing your Matha Patti.Research designs and don’t make any impulse decisions.Try various styles until you find the perfect look.
  • Matha Patti goes well with ethnic dresses like saree  and  gives a traditional look to the wearer.A bride must have her chosen her wedding saree or lengha before looking at hair accessories.
  • Find a Matha Patti that will flatter your face and reflects your personality. If your face is round and full, you need to add height with a thin and less detailed Matha Patti. When your face is long and narrow, you need to add width; consider a wide and elaborate Matha Patti.
  • Choose a Matha Patti to complement your dress.Ensure the art work on the Matha Patti matches your dress and wedding theme and you are not introducing too many different style of new elements.Your Matha Patti should match your dress in color, and coordinate in style and decoration. An elaborately detailed dress calls for a more ornate Matha Patti, while a simpler or less formal dress calls for a less elaborate Matha Patti. 
  • Opt for quality workmanship and attention to detail.
  • Make sure the Matha Patti fits properly.Try the piece on with hair up similar to the way you would have it on the day. Try the Matha Patti on, wear it for a while, turn your head, bend over, and practice walking. Make sure you can move easily, that it feels comfortable and doesn’t feel like it might slip off at any moment. Check that the Matha Patti moulds well to your head or has movement.Make sure the piece is comfortable and the support is appropriate for the weight of piece.
  • Matha Patti is simply a replacement of Jhoomer. Never wear these together as it will give an all decked up look.
Matha Patti is the finishing touch to your bridal ensemble. You will want to choose the perfect piece to flatter your face and your wedding dress.Choosing the best Matha Patti depends on personal taste, the details or embellishments on the wedding dress and bridal jewellery and of course, which style feels most comfortable to the individual bride.