How to wear Indian Gold Plated Bangles

Indian Gold Plated Bangles are versatile,elegant and exquisite jewelry that never goes out of style.Though the designs of gold bangles are classical and traditional, they are always in fashion. You can wear it equally well with ethnic clothing like saree or with western outfits like skirt and jeans.From simple daily wear to stunning party wear, here is a short style guide on how to wear Indian Gold Plated Bangles to get the right look and add a glittering touch to any ensemble!
  • Stacking Bangles is hot this season. When you want the perfect everyday accessory, you can't go wrong with a set of stackable Indian Gold Plated Bangles! Wearing these on your wrist will make every head turn in the room.Stack these bangles on your wrist opposite your watch. Celebrities too love stacking bangles. Stackable bangles are fun,and there is not limit to how many you can wear.These delicate Indian Gold Plated Bangles lights up your wrist and adds style to any outfit.These bangles are made to wear in a set of 12 bangles at a time for a very contemporary look.A versatile set which can be worn with as few or as many bangles as you like - creating just the right look for the occasion.
Stackable Gold Bangles

  • Indian Gold Plated Bangles looks great when stacked with matching bangles in yellow gold,white gold and rose gold for the perfect stackable bangle style! Different shades of the same metal gives an added variety and a unique stylish chic look. This look goes very well with a bohemian free flowing skirt and a one shoulder top or dresses.
  •  Chunky gold cuffs are the perfect accessory for any of your party wear dresses. This glossy and chunky statement accessory will make you star of the party with its shine.These excellent cuffs to accentuate your costume and are very visually appealing and comfortable.Mostly hinged or screw opening type, these are adjustable to fit most wrists.These style of Gold Cuffs go well with tightly fitted black dresses.
Chunky Gold Cuff

  • For office or daily wear try choosing subtle styles of Indian Gold Plated Bangles in white two tone or three tone bangles. This gives a simple elegant style without the flash of yellow gold.This beautiful bangles will add a touch of sparkle to every day dressing.These gorgeous two tone Indian Gold Plated Bangles are a classic piece you're sure to love.
  • Ethnic Gold Plated Indian Bangles known as Kada or Kangan are great to wear to weddings and festivals.These penable bracelets come in attractive motifs like peacock,elephant etc.They look best with traditional outfits like saree.
Peacock Kada
Gold Plated Kada

  • Modern and contemporary bangles with heart or wave designs can be worn to college for an elegant stylish look. Looks best when worn with skirts.
  • Indian Gold Plated Bangles goes well with fabric colors such as reds,yellows,orange,peach,maroon etc.
  • Available in various styles, colors and patterns, there are Indian Gold Plated Bangles available to suit everyone, catering to every taste and look.Hence picking the right bangle for your body type is essential. Whether worn stacked or as a statement piece, be sure to match the scale of your arm to the size of your wrist
Finally the possibilities are as endless as your imagination! Just be creative and Mix and Match to create your own  personal jewelry style for you that will complete your individual look, make a fashion statement and be versatile.