How to Choose the Best Indian Gold Plated Bangles

Style Guide on How to Select the Best Indian Gold Plated Bangles

Indian Gold Bangles

Indian Gold Plated Bangles are a timeless piece of jewelry. A gold bangle is bought or gifted during several occasions and events. Gold Plated Bangles have to be chosen perfectly as they are expensive and made of 22k Gold.Gold Plated Bangles are not only for ornamentation but also for investment purpose. Besides gifting and for daily wear, Indian Gold Plated Bangles hold a traditional and religious significance. Here is a short style guide on how to select the best Indian Gold Plated Bangle.

  • Gold Plated Bangles have to be choose after consideration of individuals hands, fingers & comfort.
  • If you have a small or dainty wrist, you will want to make sure that the bangle doesn’t look too bulky for your wrist.
  • If you have small thin hands you probably already know that bangles which are too massive & heavy aren't meant for you. Go for filigree designs they will be much more comfortable & will suit you best. Wide solid bangles can suit you as long as they are not too wide.Do verify that the width is not more than .5 inch before buying.
  • If you have short square hands with short chubby fingers then you should avoid wide bangles. For persons with short fingers choose a thinner bangle.
  • If you have a thin hand with long slim fingers, wide solid band of bangle will enhance your personality.
  • Do buy the bangles keeping in mind the overall outfit of the occasion.This way you will have a more consistent and complete look
  • Always spend within your budget and do not overspend.
  • Make sure that the size fits you comfortably and perfectly.If you are buying the bangles as a gift for someone and don't know their actual size you can buy adjustable bangles called as kada or kangan. These are hinged or screw opening.They come in several attractive motifs like elephant,peacock,lion,alligator,snake etc.

We hope that this guide was helpful in purchasing the best Indian Gold Plated Bangle without being impulsive.