Indian Gold Plated Jewellery

Indian Gold Jewelry

What is Indian Gold Plated Jewelry?

Indian Gold Plated Jewelry, also referred to as 'costume jewelry' or ‘fashion jewelry’ or ‘outfit jewelry’ are pieces of jewelry that is becoming quite popular these days.These gold plated jewelry are electroplated to an inner base of high quality jewelers base metal alloy to produce a quality piece of jewelry that lasts a lifetime and does not discolor, tarnish or fade.These top quality gold plated jewelry are made to look just like real 22k solid jewelry and have the same sparkle that even jewelers have a hard time telling them apart.

Why is Indian Gold Plated Jewelry Preferred?

Indian Gold Plated Jewelry is quite famous because these do not cost much.Indian Gold Plated Jewelry items are preferred for weddings and occasions.These are non expensive and serve the purpose for a casual gathering. Indian Gold Plated Jewelry is mostly yellow gold. Indian Gold Plated Jewelry is often used for stage functions where you cannot possibly wear expensive jewelries suited with your costume.

How is Indian Gold Plated Jewelry made?
Indian Gold Plated Jewelry are made by fusing gold over silver or gold on brass. Some of the most preferred Indian Gold Plated Jewelry items are bangles,necklace sets,earrings,chains, pendants,and rings . Most of these jewelries are handcrafted and handmade by skilled expert artisans who make real Gold Jewelries.

How to care for Indian Gold Plated Jewelry?

If you wish to retain the shine of the gold plated jewelry then you have to take care of it. After using it wipe it with a soft cloth to get rid of the sweat that gets accumulated on it. Sweat can mar the glistening effect of the jewelry. This jewelry normally comes in velvet boxes or pouches. You must keep the jewelry in these containers to preserve them for a longer period of time. Soaking these jewelries in strong solutions is not at all recommended. These jewelries need to be polished from time to time to maintain their color and glitter.

What is the biggest advantage of using the Indian Gold Plated Jewelry?
There is a big advantage of using Indian Gold Plated Jewelry. Indian Gold Plated Jewelry is inexpensive but has variety. Many a times the Indian Gold Plated Jewelry happens to be an exact replica of the original ones. This gives immense satisfaction to the buyers since these almost look like the original ones. People who cannot afford to buy the original ones can buy these Indian Gold Plated Jewelry items and wear these to their heart’s content. Hence, using Indian Gold Plated Jewelry gives you satisfaction both in terms of price and fashion.

Another advantage is that since the plating is Gold and not Gold color or Gold tone, there is no danger of the color fading away. You can wear this for daily wear also. There is no problem even if it comes in contact with water.

Gold Plated  jewelry makes for wonderful gifts for occasions like marriage, anniversary, birthday or holiday as it can bring a smile to the receiver's face.There is a huge range of choice in this jewelry, you will find gold plated bangles, necklaces, chains, rings, earrings, etc. If you're looking for the perfect piece to add to your collection of jewelries do check out a wide array of products at