Indian Groom Hair Accessories


The kalgi is a type of jewellery for men that were a feather plume inspired by the feathered crests of the wonderful birds, native to their region. The most distinguished Mughal kalgi-design possessed three black heron feathers and only members of royal family could wear this kalgi. Sometimes, metal-sheets were replaced for feathers. The sheets were beaten into fine strips and, then, carefully designed in the shape of feathers.Kalgi fethers were often tucked in a highly ornate central filigree pendant which hoften had motifs of paisley,pipal,surya and do moor(two peacocks on them)


The sarpatti is another turban ornament that primarily came into vogue around the late eighteenth century. It is essentially a synthesis of the sarpech and armband and consisted of hinged units, their numbers ranging from three to seven, with a kalgi attached to the central unit. Sometimes, a single gemstone pendant used to hand from the sarpatti. In another design, the entire ornament had several gems fixed like a fringe at the lower edge of each unit.


The sarpech is a compound of two words, namely sar literally meaning `head` and pech, referring to a feather. As an ornament, although it was flat, it was shaped like a single vertical feather, with a curved tip. Crafted from metal, it was set with gems on the obverse side. Sometimes, even the reverse was elaborately enamelled or decorated with precious stones. It was worn by tucking its gold stem, usually called the quill, into the folds of the turban.


The turra often shaped like a fan, is an ornament and used on the turban.