Jhoomer Hair Jewellery

What is Jhoomar?

Jhoomar or Jhoomer is a fan shape hair ornament worn on the left side of the head.

It is a very popular accessory for Indian Bride for Head / Hair Decoration.

Jhoomar is also known as Passa or Side Tikka.

It is made of Gold,Silver, Pearl,Kundan or Crystal materials.

How to wear a Jhoomar:

There is a hook at its end which is to be attached in the hair.

As per latest fashion trend, Jhoomars can be also creatively worn on center of the forehead like a maang tikka.

Jhoomar Indian Bridal Jewellery

Jhoomar Passa
Jhoomar Indian Hair Jewellery

Umrao Jaan Jhoomar
Jhoomar Side Tikka
Jhoomar Tikka
Jhoomar Jhoomer Indian Wedding Accessory
Jhoomar Indian Headpiece

Jhoomar Hair Jewellery
Crystal Jhoomar

Pearl Jhoomar

Rhinestone Jhoomar

Kundan Jhoomer

Kundan Passa