Indian Bridal Bangles-Choora/Chura/Chooda

Indian Bridal Bangles
Bridal Chooda Set
Indian Bridal Bangles Chura
Indian Bridal bangles are known as Choora/Chura/Chooda/Chuda and are the special types of set of bangles, which are worn by a Punjabi Sikh bride at the time of her marriage with a traditional attire known as "lehenga". Originally these bangles are made out of elephant's tusk.The choora decorates the bride in a unique and extra ordinary way.

Indian Bridal Choora
The latest design trend of Chura available in the markets is personalised with the bride and grooms name on it.It is known as "Dulhan Ka Naam Wala Suhag Chooda"

Dulhan Ka Naam Wala Suhag Chooda
Dulhan Ka Naam Wala Suhag Chooda

Before marriage the bride's maternal uncle put Chura in the arms of bride. Usually these bangles are in red, white, ivory and maroon colors.

Wedding Chooda washed in milk
Wedding Chooda washed in milk and rose petals
 There is special function called chooda ceremony which is held in morning on date of marriage.Pandit does puja with bride and her family member.Chooda is washed into milk and bride's uncle makes the bride wear her chooda.Bride's maternal uncle (brother of bride's mother)gets a gift from bride parents. Bride is not allowed to see the chooda before the time of chooda ceremony.It is not good sign(upsagaun).Bride has to keep her eyes close ,till the time white clothes is tied on that and she is allow to see it in evening of marriage. Chuda is always worn in combination with bell shaped hangings known as "kalire" which are tied on by the female cousins and sisters. The shape of the kalire has a symbolic meaning. The top is shaped like a coconut, to show that the bride will always have food in her new home. There are metal pieces hanging from it, to show that she will always have wealth.The bride moves the "kalire" above the heads of her un-married cousins for good luck, in hopes that they will get married soon.

chuda worn with kalire
Bridal Chuda worn with Kalire

 Choora is worn by the bride for 40 days from the day she puts it on. On the 40th day only the husband's sister means sister in law can take off the choora. Then the bride leaves it at her mothers house. She can wear other choora's after that for as long as she likes in any color. It is a cultural tradition in many Sikh/Punjabi families.