Tribal Jewellery of Rajasthan-Bangles Bracelets Cuffs

Above:Traditional design screw lock sterling silver cuff bracelet bangle handmade in Rajasthan by expert local silver smith.

Above:Vintage Antique tribal old silver cuff bracelet pair from Rajasthan India. Made of many silver units, strung together in original old thread.Opening system with just pulling the pin out.
Above:Subject of this armlet is Bhumiya Raj.This type of amulet subject (phul deota)is worn chiefly in western Rajasthan by Hindu Rajputs,Jats and others.Depicted is a deified Bhumiya Raj hero,a landed ,military proprietor or chieftain who died in defense of his property ,including villages and their inhabitants. The term bhumiya is from bhum, meaning "land."Trusted and feared ,the deified spirits of these local heroes protect their community by nightly riding a horse around the village to dispel enemies or evil agents.

Above:Antique Silver Tribal Spiky Bangle

Above: Vintage Antique collectible solid tribal old silver makara Heads Bracelet / Bangle (Kara) from Rajasthan India. Made of solid silver and then engraved design on it. Worn by tribal people of Rajasthan. These bracelet are symbol of power and luck. strong design and in very good condition, have a great antique look from years of use. Great piece for ethnic jewellery collector.

Above:GENEROUSLY SIZED EXTRA LONG, GORGEOUS OLD RAJASTHAN SILVER CUFF ARMLET BRACELET with fish and peacock motifs.This Armlet has a great raised design in gorgeous antique silver patina.

Above:Ancient tribal old silver Bracelet or Bangle pair (naugari) with projections of simulated Gajre balls. Great stamp sheet gajre design (pattern-punch decorated). Bangles are worn by tribal women's in Rajasthan India. one quarter hinge part can be open just by pulling the central pin. See similar sample in "Traditional jewelery of India"by Oppi Untracht page-255 and in Ghysels collection " A World of Bracelets " by Anne van Cutsem, p. 194.