Tribal Jewellery of Rajasthan-Part 1

Tribal jewellery of Rajasthan is famous for gold and silver ornaments especially silver ornaments have taken a remarkable place in overall Indian jewellery. All of these have ethnic and exquisite look. Each part of Rajasthan is well known for its own distinct style of silver jewellery.

Rajasthani tribal jewelleries are wide in numbers and they can mesmerize the viewers. Tribal jewellery can be mentioned as one of the chief attractions of Rajasthan. The wide range of tribal jewellery of Rajasthan varies from its chunky tribal jewellery to enamelled gold to modern diamond jewellery. These have a huge market worldwide. In Rajasthan, men and women can be seen with colorful necklaces, armlets, anklets, earrings and rings. Silver is more commonly worn by the rural women and is certainly more affordable. This is the reason all common people take the pleasure to wear this. The royal attire in this region is `sarpench` i.e. a kind of turban ornamentation and also a variety of necklaces, which are very different and unique in its nature.

Another important variety for tribal jewellery of Rajasthan is lac. There is production of several colorful bangles, which are made of lac and set with semiprecious stones in it. These make an economical buy for the classy people. The craftsmen take great pains to set in the hundreds of stones into the lac. This art needs perfect skill, as these are famous all over the country. Rajasthan`s silver tribal jewelry is very famous as it is exported in different parts of the country as well as outside India. It is a delightful collection of earrings, bracelets, bangles, amulets, anklets, hairpins and necklaces. These have a characteristic oxidized appearance, which attracts foreign buyers. These oxidized metal accessories are often adorned with bunches of tiny silver bells and colorful stones. These jewellery have such a look that anyone will fall for them.

Silver and gold work old pendant is somewhat antique tribal jewellery basically it is an old silver and gold work pendant from Rajasthan. This main case of this pendant is made of excellent silver and pure gold wirework piece seated inside. These have an ethnic look which attracts lot of tourists. Anklet pair with bells is a beautiful tribal old silver broad ankle bracelet pair from Rajasthan. This looks grand as it enhances the beauty of a woman. This is mainly popular among banjara tribal people of Rajasthan. This represents nice workmanship, wide link chain design and attached hollow balls in-group all around. Tribal woman crave for this ornament. But sometime it hurts in the feet, so the former wearer have attached clothe at the back for comfortable on the feet.

Ethnic bracelet or upper armlet is again very precious for the tribal folk of Rajasthan. Mahratta and Gujarati Women of the Raval community mainly wear rigid silver armlet. This is also known as vauk. The semi-flexible body of broad braided wire has a central floral ornament. All of these have a traditional look that offers a wide range of exquisite jewellery. Neck ring or Hasuli is a unique tribal jewellery that is not seen everywhere in contemporary life. This antique tribal old silver neck ring or hansuli is very famous in tribal population of Rajasthan. This can be described as one piece of solid silver and then engraved design on it. This looks very beautiful and attractive. This can retain its vigor even after years of use. Nose ring are ancient tribal ornaments, which are unique in style. These are specialties of Rajasthan. This looks splendid as these are beautifully designed. In the whole ornament there are many small red and green color glass stones fitted all over. This looks colorful because of the varied color.

Madliya thread necklace is a beautiful traditionally designed silver necklace. This is predominant in Rajasthan. The traditional design can be described as a silver pendant or Madaliya, which is strung in traditional way in cotton cord with four nice cut silver beads. These are again attached with cutting design silver pieces in bottom loops. These necklaces have really an exquisite look which attracts a lot of people towards it. Belt is an important form of Rajasthani tribal jewellery. This is basically a beautiful tribal old silver flexible belly chain. This is found everywhere in Rajasthan, especially in the tribal areas. These handcrafted silver antique belts are very popular among the tribal women`s of Rajasthan. These are of originally very nice design and are of a flexible nature. This is mainly attached with solid link chain and cutting design silver pieces in all the bottom loops. This has good screw opening system, which makes it very convenient to wear. Sometimes mango shape pendant are found attached with the belt while line of link chain are present in the middle loop.

Toe rings in Gajre design is also a variety of tribal jewellery of Rajasthan. This is basically a very nice tribal old silver toe rings pair. These are common in Rajasthani tribal women. These are of different styles and structures. Some are plain and simple while some are of special textures. The Gajre style is a nice pair decorated with bounces of hollow balls. The tribal women folk of Rajasthan love to wear these toe rings. All the pieces are open from back and these are of free size i.e. anyone can wear these as the size is adjustable. Silver rings are perfectly traditional in design. These beautiful old silver rings are widely used by the tribal women folk from Rajasthan. This is made of one piece of silver, which looks, simple as well as smart. Men and women both can wear these rings.

The range of earrings used amongst the Rajasthani tribal is wide in number. These vintage antique tribal old silver earrings are very famous among the tribal folk. These are also known as earplug pair or Tokariya. These are all specialty of Rajasthan but more specifically worn by rabari tribal people of Rajasthan. These ornaments have beautiful handmade design and attached bells in all the bottom loops. Besides, the above mentioned ones, there are a lot more that have made the collection of Rajasthani tribal jewelry truly exquisite and incomparable one.