Tribal Jewellery of Rajasthan-Pendants

Above:Bhil Tribal Pendant of Gujarat with tweezers.Used when in need in the forest.
Above: A Laxmi and Ganesh Tribal Pendant

Above:A tribal silver pendant with eight maidens.

Above: A antique tribal silver pendant with monkey God Hanuman.
Above: A antique tribal silver pendant with pearl and coral stone.
Above: A tribal pendant in silver with meenakari(enamel)
Above: Antique silver tribal pendant with photo frame
Above: Antique silve tribal pendant with footprints.
Above:Tribal pendant with Hoi mata
Above:Indian Tribal Pendant with toothpick and ear cleaner

Above :Tribal pendant with prayer box in antique silver.

Above: Tribal pendant amulet called as madaliya or taaviz to protect from evil eye.