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Nose piercing is a cult-like tradition in India.The nose and ear piercing dates back to vedic times on India and and the ear/nose piercing is a religious custom. The left nostril of Hindu girls as young as five years old is pierced. On the wedding night, the bride wears a Nath (Nose ring). The Nath is hooked by a chain to either the earring or hair. The bridegroom removes the Nath, symbolizing end of bride's virginity. A widow does not wear any jewel in the pierced nose. It is claimed that nose piercing decreases pain of menstruation and eases the child birth.Apart from parents, it was considered that only maternal uncle or husband can offer the gift of nose ornamental jewellery to a woman. Taking a gift of nose ring or nath from any outsider, is considered to be an act of indiscipline.

Woman follow this tradition with the fervor of a cult even if they don't have their nostril pierced, or they may not be virgin. They would wear a clip-on Nath connected by a chain to a clip-on earring, just to be removed by the groom on the wedding night.

Marathi Karwari Nath in Pearls
Marathi Karwari Nath in Pearls

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