Unique and Creative Ideas to Wear a Kalgi

Kalgi is a turban accessory that looks like it came straight out of the Maharajahs closet! You can always wear a Kalgi on your turban or safa -- that's a traditional way to wear a Kalgi and it's often one of the best spots for placement. But your turban certainly isn't the only option for a Kalgi . There are lots of other creative and unique ways to wear your favorite Kalgi jewelry brooch. Breeze through our photos for some inspiration and give one of these ideas a try.

Make it a focal point: 

Traditional placement for a Kalgi is centre of the turban and traditional never goes out of style. Since turbans and safa are typically are fabricated of substantial material, this is a good spot to secure this weighty brooch.

Combine Kalgi with Feathers:

Kalgi with Feather
Kalgi with Feather

Bird feathers particularly peacock feathers can be a beautiful addition to a turban safa along with Kalgi. Attach some feathers along with Kalgi for a unique elegant look.

Create a Layered Look:

Kalgi can add a little flair to to the turban by creating a layered look when combined with a strand of pearls.

Multiple Kalgi Placed Close Together:

Lining a turban with several kalgi can make an effective fashion statement.  For additional sparkle, pin two or more smaller and similarly themed Kalgi together. Kalgi do not have to match, but it works best if they're about the same size. Sometimes, Kalgi can make a bigger impact if more than one Kalgi are positioned close together. Two or more smaller Kalgi can take on the appearance of one large Kalgi, or the separate kalgi can set each other off in a stylish way.

An alternative to buttons or clasps:

Have you attended a wedding and is the Kalgi sitting in the back of your jewelry drawer gathering dust and don't know what to do with it? Another way to wear a sparkling Kalgi is to fasten a sherwani or achkan. Kalgi can even be an understated but extremely attractive adornment for a coat, jacket or jumper.

To Adorn your shoulder:

Artfully create an intriguing and designer look by pinning two Kalgi together with a strand of precious gemstones onto your arms. 

Now that we’ve got your creative juices flowing, pull out a kalgi and give one of these ideas a try.