How to wear choti

How to wear choti
Choti Braid Jewelry
Choti is a long Indian Bridal Hair Jewelry worn along the entire length of a braid or plait. It is one of the several ways to decorate the braid. Choti is traditionally worn with Bharatnatyam dance ensembles or as a part of Bridal Jewelry.Here is a short guide on how to attach and wear a choti.

  1. Wash and deep condition your hair before braiding.
  2. Create a center parting and comb the hair using a wide tooth brush thoroughly till it is smooth and knotless.
  3. Using a spray of water, dampen the hair first so that your braid will be neater and easier to handle.
  4. Divide the hair into three even sections and continue criss-crossing these three sections of hair until all your hair has been interwoven to create a snug and even braid.If your hair not of a reasonable length consider using hair extensions to get the right look for the style.
  5. Finish the braid by applying hairspray to prevent developing flyaways. Always make sure to hairspray, before adding any hair ornaments as the chemicals of hairspray can dull the gemstones and base metal of the choti.
  6. Attach the choti to the braid at regular intervals with the hooks provided at the back.
  7. To ensure extra safety secure the Choti by attaching the hook with bobby pins until you are sure it will not come undone.Be sure to use bobby pins that match your hair colour.
  8. You could use help of a family member or the services of a professional if you are not so sure about your tying capabilities.