Indian Gemstone Jewelry Boxes

An Unusual and Stunning 100% handcrafted Jewelry Box from Jaipur city of Rajasthan India is made of Sisam wood and is beautifully adorned by a unique painting, hand painted with Real crushed Gemstones. The box has blue velvet cushioning inside and is decorated by brass borders outside. Each box is the result of hours of painstaking laborious work and a product so intricate & detailed that you cannot help but marvel at the skill and technique.

Gemstone painting is an exclusive Indian art form,which has been going on for centuries. Traditional techniques are used to make this painting out of precious and semi-precious gemstones like - Amethyst, Garnet, Turquoise, Yellow Agate, Jade, Peridot, Red Jasper, Blood-stone etc.

The painting is done by first sketching on a glass plate & then using real powdered gemstones rather than paint for color. The entire process is done by skilled and experienced craftsman with hands and there is no machinary used. This exquisite Jewelry Box is long lasting and retains its color for many years because colors are of natural GEM STONES.This spectacular piece of craftsmanship will surely look spectacular and add charm and ethnicity to any table. This Treasured hand crafted possession is a source of adornment and perfect embellishment at any dresser.

The Gemstone Jewellery Boxes ,as the name suggests, is made of real or semi-precious gemstones. The real stones used include emerald, ruby, multi coloured sapphires , Onyx's and pearls. These stones are ground to a fine dust, and placed and pasted on the backside of an acrylic or glass sheet pinhead point by pinhead point. No machinery is used; the work is done entirely by hand. The sheet is then finely placed with real sheesham wood and finished with intricate brass inlay work to give the final piece of art . The result is a product aglow in the very brilliance of life itself . The gemstones used in the paintings are all natural, and hence never lose their color. It makes a unique gift to yourself or anyone who’d appreciate adding a royal touch to their home.