Indian Jewelry Boxes with Marquetry Designs on wood

Marquetry is an art needing great skill and dexterity, where wood veneers are cut to exacting sizes and inlaid to give a beautiful and luxurious design or form. These works of art are popular the world over for their realistic depiction.

Marquetry is  wood Inlay artwork using natural common and exotic woods. Marquetry is done by piecing together many tiny bits of wood and other substances (such as copper brass, or onyx) to form an intricately-detailed image or design.All products  are hand cut and made by craftsmen who toil on each picture to give an exceptional piece of art. Marquetry of common designs are made faster as designs are readiliy available. Customized marquetry take longer as craftsmen have to work from the scratch.

Marquetry can also be done with newer products like precious stones, mother-of-pearl,bone and brass.