Indian Fashion Jewellery

Indian Fashion Jewelry- The Latest Fad

Fashion Jewelry is the best way to spice up an outfit. Get a celebrity look by sporting the latest fashion jewerly styles. Try the hottest Bollywood trends, experiment with looks straight off of the runway or add pizzazz with Fashion jewelry. Paired with any outfit for any occasion, fashion accessories are the easiest way to take your look from drab to fab.

So many weddings to attend and you don’t want to spend too much on jewelry, neither repeat your stuff. Well, Fashion jewelry is the easy solution.

Have a bright outfit and you don’t want to wear that gold chain again….well match it up with Fashion jewelry in the same shade.

Don’t want to move around wearing millions around your neck… Fashion jewelry again provides a safer option.

Fashion jewelry has gained tremendous popularity recently owing to its versatility and variety, myriad hues and affordability. It offers a cost effective yet glamorous option for those with a penchant for ornaments. It helps in keeping up with the latest trends without burning a whole in your pocket as well as providing a safer option. Real jewelry can be a sound investment in uncertain times. But for most of us, the new reality calls for faux — small indulgences that can make an old frock seem new.

Also known as imitation jewelry, fashion jewelry and costume jewelry, it comes in various shapes, sizes and texture and is made of materials as diverse as metal, glass, stones, crystals and even plastic. The variety Fashion jewelry can offer is unparalleled. You can find something to beautify each part of your body. From necklaces, earrings and hair ornaments to nose rings, toe rings, anklets, maang tikka, armlets and bangles… name it and you have it!

Fashion Jewellery is largely made of brass, cast iron, nickel, plastic beads and stones, instead of precious metals and gems.Costume Jewelry is cheaper as it can be made on machines and produce it in large quantities. Though Fashion Jewelry does not have much resale value, it is attractive and affordable jewellery in line with current fashion trends.

Some of the most popular types of fashion jewelry are:

Cubic Zircon Jewelry

Designer Kundan Jewelry
Lacquer Jewelry
Wooden Jewelry
Faux Gold Tone Jewelry
Faux Silver Tone Jewelry
Faux Pearl Jewelry
Victorian Jewelry
Rhinestone Studded Jewelry