Indian Colored Glass Metal Bangles

Traditional colorful Indian Metal Bangles are the most versatile element of Indian Jewellery.You can't go wrong with these bright, beautiful Indian Metal Bangles!You will find lot of Indian ladies wearing a stackful of these bangles.They may be made from glass or metal but both are equally gorgeous.You will find these Indian Metal Bangles for sale in commercial street of any city in India.

Importance of Indian Colored Glass Metal Bangles

No Indian wedding is complete without brightly colored Indian Metal Bangles.A brides sister or friend helps her put these bangles at the time of the pre-wedding ceremonies.According to Hindu culture, there are five signs of marital status of women. They are mangalsutra, Toe rings, Kumkum, bangles and a nose ring. Colored Indian Metal Bangles are the most important among them.When a woman's husband dies she has to break these bangles and never wear them again.

Indian Metal Bangles are a must have for Karwa Chauth celebration too.

Style Tip:

Indian Metal Bangles can be worn all at once, split up on each wrist, worn a few at a time, or can be mixed and match to compliment your outfit perfectly! Metal bangles are beautiful and accent everyone's outfits and entire wardrobes.Indian Metal Bangles match perfectly with jeans, skirts , belly dance costumes, ethnic clothing (saree or slawaar kameez or lehanga choli) and more!The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!You can Mix and Match these Indian Metal Bangles and create your own personal style!

Stacking Bangles is hot. Stack these sizzling Indian Metal Bangles on your wrist opposite your watch. Celebrities too love stacking bangles. Metal bangles are fun, colorful and there is not limit to how many you can wear. The colors are stunning and look even better in person. Colors and styles of these bangles are such that they will make you feel like an A-List celebrity.

Dressing Idea:

Pair your Indian Metal Bangles with a bohemian sundress for some extra hippie vibe. Just add some gladiator sandals, big sunglasses and a headband to complete the look!

You can also wear this beautiful India Metal Bangle set with jeans for something casual. Wear a top that matches your mood – maybe an oversized tee, or a fitted tank. Accessorize with a great handbag and brightly-colored shoes for a funky sunny summer ensemble!

Ferozabad-The Glass City of India

Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh is where, what must be the world's largest bangle making industry, exists. Firozabad is the home of the glass bangle industry.Indian marriage items like bangles, kangans, kada, etc. were produced in bulk for the general public. Today it is having famous area as suhag nagar because it fulfills almost all the demand of bangles, kadas, kangans and other items of suhagins (married women).

Indian Colored Glass Metal Bangle Meanings

Indian Colored Glass Metal Bangles are also called Kangan,Kada,Chudi or Bungri in Hindi.

In India there are meanings associated with each color of bangle:

Red Energy,Symolism of Marriage for Hindus

Blue Tranquility/Wisdom

Purple Independence

Green Luck,Symbolism of Marriage for Maharashtrians and Muslims

Orange Success

Yellow Happiness

White Purity. New Beginning

Black Power

Silver Strength

Gold Fortune

Process of Making Glass Bangles

The process of manufacturing glass bangles is long and intricate, involving extremely precise and detailed work.

1.A spring of glass is first formed from the raw molten glass by wrapping it around rollers.This spring is then cut with the same cutter used on diamonds.

2.These open-ended springs of glass need to be then joined to form the bangles. The process of joining bangles is termed 'judai'. Using a chimney of kerosene that is connected to an air compressor, known as 'pankha' by the workers, the two ends of the glass spring are joined.

3.The final step of the process is called Sadai, where the jagged joints of the bangles are smoothened out and made to look like one continuous ring. The glass is made to melt a little and by applying pressure on both ends, the joint is straightened out.

4. With a thin glass stick or rotating grinders, designs and engravings are drawn on these bangles.

5. Bangles are now decorated using lac(lacquer),glitter,mirrors,beads,crystals and various other embellishments.A hardener and resin are mixed in equal quantity, making a paste that is then coated on the bangle. As a finishing touch the bangles are collectively rolled over Zari(glitter) powder.

Note:Sometimes several bangles are melted together to made a thick bangle that is called a kada.


Shopping for Indian Metal Bangles

Laad Bazaar, Charminar

indian bangles

Indian Metal Bangles are available in almost all cities of India. But Hyderabad is the most favored destination for buying Indian Metal bangles. Laad Bazaar Near Charminar in Hyderabad is most favorite destination to shop for Indian Metal Bangles.

Laad Bazaar or Choodi Bazaar or Meena Bazaar is a very old market popular for bangles located in Hyderabad. It is located on one of the four main roads that branch out from the historic Charminar.

Laad meaning lacquer is used to make bangles, on which artificial diamonds are studded. In this 1-kilometre -long shopping strip, most of the shops sell bangles.Currently, more than 15,000 people are employed by this street of bangles alone.The estimated amount of, 500-600 foreign tourists visits the bazaar each day. The increasing customers for choodi bazaar is getting higher and higher.This market is very old, in operating since the time of the Qutb Shahis and the Nizams. It is close to landmarks such as Charminar, Makkah Masjid and Chowmahalla Palace .

Laad Bazaar Charminar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

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