How to Choose the Right Earrings

1. If you are working woman, then Studs are the right and appropriate choice irrespective of shape of your face and hair style. Select simple studs with pure pearls, or corals, small stones, or pure gold. This leaves a good impression.

2. If you are going for parties or attending special occasions then beautiful ear rings depend on your face shape will multiply your original beauty.

3. Whenever you wear necklace set, wear earrings that are match with the necklace set. This enhances your beauty.

4. Generally earrings selection depends on face shape and your hair style. So selecting your earrings based on your face shape and hair style would be the appropriate choice.

5. If yours is oval shaped face then all kind of earring from studs to hangings looks good on you. Especially the large hangings enhance your beauty.

6. If yours is small face then earrings with medium size looks great on you.

7. If yours is big face then large earrings with hangings attracts others easily.

8. The color of the earrings also plays very important role. So if you are wearing light colored clothes then earrings with pearls or light colored stones or diamonds is right choice. If you are wearing dark colored clothes then pure gold, coral or dark colored stoned earrings really look great.

9. Sometimes material is also a considerable factor. Avoid earrings made of cheap quality metal. This cause various allergy and sometimes you may find wounds on both your ears. So avoid choosing that kind of material.

Earrings can transform an outfit and give onlookers valuable personality clues. Bright, fun pieces bring out a playful persona and dress up dark colors while smaller, classic pieces accent conservative behavior and highlight brighter hues. Choosing the right earrings for your face will help define your features and put the best “you” forward.